There are Bolognese and then there are

Bolognese Jewels

stars of the dog world!

 We breed for health, beauty, structure, temperament and for the love of this breed. Genetics are closely studied to minimize problems and while no one can guarantee that any living being, human or non-human will ever have a problem, we strive to produce the best in every sense.

stella beauty (2)Three black buttons in a cloud of white will enthrall and capture your heart.

Our dogs live in our house, sleep and are with us all the time. They go out to play in the garden where they chase butterflies, play with their toys, play hide and seek and are safe. They are pets, highly socialized and, depending on age, may be trained a little or totally.  We have several older dogs that we keep  until a certain age to determine whether they are show dog quality or not.  Not being show quality doesn’t mean they aren’t exceptionally beautiful, sweet and wonderful dogs, it just means they may be an inch too tall or long, or the pigment is not as black as necessary, nothing you would notice unless you were a dog show judge.

With the exception of the first Bolognese, of Russian stock, the foundation of our breeding program were all imported from Europe of champion stock.

Breeding dogs is not an easy task. It requires almost 24 hour work, time, love, money, vet care, educating ourselves in the newest technology, veterinary science, keeping abreast of the best food and ingredients plus supplements to produce the best, healthiest and most beautiful dogs.  We are the only kennel who breed for smaller Bolognese. Bolognese can be from 5 to 12 pounds but we decided that  American dog parents prefer a 4-6 pound dog in order to travel in the plane  cabin with them and be “portable”.   They are easier to carry and can be bathed in a sink.  Note: we do NOT breed “teacups”, we breed within the standard though all our dams are 4 to 5 lbs and our 2 sires are 6 and 7 pounds.

To adopt one of our Bolognese, you need to complete an application and send a deposit plus advising us of your choice.  If you do not see a puppy you “fall for” we can place you on our waiting list for future litters.

If you prefer an older dog because you do not want to puppy proof your home and go through the teething and potty training, though these are quite easy to teach as they are highly intelligent and willing to please, you can adopt an older dog either one we kept to see if he/she would be show quality or retired breeders.

**IMPORTANT:  When you adopt one of our Bolos, you will sign a contract that specifically states you cannot give away the dog, send it to a shelter, etc.  The dog has to be returned to Starlight Bolognese otherwise we will sue for breach of contract. If necessary, we will make arrangements to get the dog back into our home.  All reputable breeders, and rescues, have this clause.  It is to protect the dog and it is the only humane thing to do.